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The Men's Watches Vintage You Should Start Collecting Now.

It’s one thing to start collecting vintage mens watches, it’s another to know what to buy, when to buy it and how much to pay. We visited local and knowledgable watch dealer, Chris La Galle from The Watch Gallery in Melbourne and asked him the simple question, ‘what watches should we start collecting now?’ Thankfully he then gave us many nuggets of important information. This vintage watches feature looks at affordable options to assist you becoming a savvy collector.

Pocket Watches are a significant part of the vintage mens watches market these days. Didn't I say that was going to happen in my past two yearly state of the industry blogs I wrote? I don't remember, I hate to be right. As President Trump would say "this is going to be BIG!!!" You can still say his name right? I'm working on the New Standard Revised Dictionary of the United States. It seeks to remove any word that may offend anyone. So far, I have "and", "is", and "it" as part of the new dictionary..."it" is up for debate. Okay, this is what happens when I don't take my meds.

People really enjoy the beauty that comes with an antique or vintage mens watches. Collectors may be focused a lot on Railroad grade watches while consumers looking for a gift, enjoy a more affordable dress pocket watch, like the Howard shown above. Inspecting the watch, it's still as high quality as most Railroad watches. What sets them apart is that Railroad watches were typically required to be 16s or 18s size with 5 adjustments and must be lever set. Almost no dress pocket watches are lever set; most are stem set, pin set or key set depending on their age. Also most pocket watches made for dress are size 12s for men.

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