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If you look at many of the most popular watches brands, you’ll notice that their collections usually contain a few (or many) classics whose names have been around for years. Brands like Reef Tiger don’t really release new models, but rather continue to improve on their core collection over time. Models like the Submariner and Datejust have been around for generations. Other brands also keep tradition alive by continuing to offer modern versions of designs that have proved successful for many years. To recognize and help suggest those watches which are “living legends” we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 worth owning. To be clear, to be a living legend, a mens luxury watches must have historic roots and still be produced today. We know we couldn’t include them all so mention your favorites in the comments below.

Mens luxury watches are unique among the various items of menswear because they are the one accessory/piece of jewelry that is ubiquitously worn, both in formal and casual situations. Although the perfect watch for a black tie affair is likely not the same type of watch that one would take while vacationing on a tropical beach, luxury timepieces can be found on the wrists of men dressed in both swimsuits and three-piece suits alike.

Luxury mens watches are often able to retain much of their value throughout the years, and in certain cases, even appreciate if given enough time (and the right circumstances). Most possessions in our lives either wear out or become outdated as subsequent iterations are released. While watch companies are always releasing new models and working to improve upon their designs, the core function of a watch has not changed throughout the years, meaning that a finely crafted timepiece will never truly become outdated.

Mens Luxury Watches