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Top Men's Gold Watches for Men at Best Price in 2018.

Gold watches have long divided opinion, and with good reason. Bit gauche, aren’t they? For a lot of people who own them, it’s less about style and more about wearing your bank balance on your wrist. A mens gold watches is the epitome of 1980s Wall Street yuppies. Patrick Bateman had one. Donald Trump has several. And today, the trend is kept alive by oligarchs, Gulf State royalty and the rich kids of Instagram (and, yes, Donald Trump).

You know what they say: all that glitters isn’t gold. And this has never been more true than when it comes to mens gold watches. A timepiece with a solid gold case is possible but it’s also likely to cost you more than a car. There are other options, however.

Styling your gold watch is much easier than you might think; it’s not just something to wear with a navy pinstripe suit. Pop culture would have us believe that a sparkling Submariner is best deployed in the boardroom, but mens gold watches are just as suitable off-duty – so long as the rest of your outfit remains restrained.

Mens Gold Watches