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25 Best Mens Luxury Watches - Most Expensive Watches for Men.

For the sophisticated and stylish gentleman, a expensive mens watches is far more than just a way of keeping track of the time (after all, what are cell phones for?)—a well-chosen timepiece is an accent for your aesthetic, a subtle touch that lets those in the know recognize you for the cultured and fashion-conscious guy that you are.

Throwing down a wad of cash on a luxury timepiece is one of the greatest indulgences a modern man can enjoy. After all: who needs a rainy day fund when you can inspire jealousy and awe wherever you go?But you'll have to pick up a lot of paper-rounds to feel the cold press of one of these on your wrist. Presenting: the most expensive mens watches in the whole wide world.

We’ve come a long way since using sundials to tell the time. Technological advancements led us to harness time and strap this mechanism on our wrists – available to tell us the exact hour and second the moment we want to know. The first wristwatch was made way back in 1868 by the Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe according to Guinness World Records.Since then, it has become an accessory and status symbol for its wearer. More expensive mens watches emerged that are crafted in great detail and premium materials. Nowadays, it continues to be an emblem that reflects one’s personal style and leads to a strong first impression and a man’s overall ethos.

Expensive Watches for Men